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Updated 23 January 2018

From March 2018 I will be free for new work — either freelance or as a regular day job, in Vienna, Austria or remotely. If you’re looking for a developer, get in touch! I prefer working in Swift or Objective-C for macOS, iOS, or for the web. However, I have a lot of professional experience writing native apps for Windows and Linux, and will do that if the conditions are right; C# is actually pretty nice. I am especially interested in anything involving speech synthesis, linguistics, or science.

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Introducing Spondee Software

Spondee Software creates macOS, iOS, watchOS and web applications. Much of the software in development is related to poetry and writing.

A spondee is a metrical foot with two long syllables. For instance, ‘spondee’ is a spondee. You can’t really say one of those syllables faster than the other, or replace its vowel with a schwa. One way of representing stress patterns is with slashes for stressed syllables and dashes for unstressed ones, which makes a spondee ‘//’, as in the spondee software logo.