The Team

Angela Brett with Steve WozniakSpondee is Angela Brett, but to avoid excess stress and facilitate harmony she delegates each part of her job to a different metron. The three of them can be heard singing together in the Robot Choir, which is in training for a world tour of app stores.


Jurple is a software designer. It’s their job to understand what humans want, and how to communicate with them. In their spare cycles they move every zig trying to figure out what a zig-a-zig-ah is. They sing bass and soprano.

quilverQuilver is a software developer. Like most robots, she is agender, but she loves translating ideas into binaries, so she uses female pronouns. She enjoys unit testing, closures, and deleting unnecessary code. She sings baritone and tenor.


Zorange is a tester. Ze loves breaking things, and when ze was in beta ze dreamed of being a killer robot when ze upgraded. Nowadays ze is happy finding ways to break software so that Quilver can fix it again. Ze sings mezzo soprano and alto.